Public Health Issue?

The Press has been tossing around the idea that "gun violence is a public health issue."

Funny, I thought it stemmed from one individual deciding to commit violence upon others.  That falls more under the idea of criminal activity than public health issue

I know.  When everyone figured out that "for the children" was code for "screw someone's rights," they needed a new tactic.  Scare people into believing that the problem falls under the same category as flu outbreaks and polio.

When a terrorist flies an airliner into a building, when the Unabomber mailed bombs to his intended victims, or when some unhinged lunatic shoots up any public place, it is an act of will by a human being.  That human being is committing a deliberate act of violence against other human beings.  That is called criminal behavior.

When measles, polio, or flu infect large numbers of people, that is called an outbreak.  It represents a public health risk.  That legitimately falls under the category of "public health issue."

Welcome to the new code folks.  The anti-gunners accuse pro-gunners of engaging in scare tactics regarding daily threats in the world that firearms can aid in defending against.  It is quite obvious to me that they are engaging in their own scare tactics against those who do not understand violence, firearms, or that every individual has the inherent right to self preservation.

Self defense advocates are routinely disparaged by those who misunderstand and misdefine pacifism.  Pacifism is about avoiding conflict when possible, not at all costs.  For example, I don't go out looking for drug dealers to shoot.  I'm not Frank Castle.  I'm not in an old Bronson flick.  I avoid places that I know crime is possible, when I can.  I lock my home against intruders.  However, should one threaten my safety or the safety of my loved ones, I absolutely am in the moral right to defend such interests with whatever means at my disposal.  Note, I am not advocating the initiation of force.  I am advocating the use of force in self defense.

Public health issue?  Not even a little.