TSA and Rand Paul

Fox News posted a transcript of an interview with Rand Paul regarding his run-in with TSA: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/on-the-record/2012/01/24/sen-rand-paul-my-encounter-tsa?test=latestnews

Senator Paul made one point quite well.  The rest of us, who are not Senators, would have been in a much bigger world of hurt after crossing the TSA.  The TSA, as an organization, does not understand that the rights of the individual should always trump other concerns.

Some folks may argue that it's optional to fly.  That much is true.  But, it isn't the airline companies stating to customers that the "security" measures are required by company policy.  These "security" measures are forced by a government bureaucracy.  When government is involved, our rights as The People take a greater importance than in voluntary terms of service offered by a private entity.

Are the new scanners a better idea?  Since they removed the actual rendering of a human body under clothing, limiting the display to a generic humanoid form where suspicious areas highlighted are displayed, I'd say it's a reasonable solution.  It no longer virtually strips one of clothing and is no more intrusive on any level than a metal detector.  That said, its apparent implementation is in question.  Random pat-downs, using the scanners as an excuse, are wrong.

One day, perhaps folks will understand that most of the "security measures" performed by the TSA are "feel good" measures, not actual, productive use of resources.  With any luck, Senator Paul can gain some traction in neutering the TSA.