The ATF Bundle

July 17, 2014

The Inquisitr reported that Democrat Robin Kelly, of Illinois, has introduced, "The Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act."  The proposed legislation essentially outlaws firearms logos on children's clothing and marketing firearms to kids by using non-traditional colors or cute cartoon characters.

Call it the "Joe Camel" treatment.  When you can't outlaw it, reclassify it as evil and chip away at the ability of vendors to advertise it.  It's worked for alcohol and tobacco, so we shouldn't be surprised that someone is finally attempting to use the same approach with firearms.  Even the NRA wouldn't be able to brand child-sized hats and shirts any longer.

So, Robin Kelly wants to violate not one but TWO amendments "for the children."  Be aware when "for the children" is bandied about, even if rephrased.  It means that someone is trying to use emotion in lieu of logic to screw with your rights in some fashion.

Let's look at the Congresscritter's logic: Marketing firearms to children is “contributing to the shooting deaths of children across the country.”

Aside from the obvious lack of statistics, let's look at this closer.  We haven't seen any children shooting up a mall with Cricket rifles with pink stocks on them.  We haven't seen a plethora of children running out and shooting up the landscape with Bearcat 22LR revolvers. 

Hmmmm...maybe we don't deserve the right to give our children t-shirts with logos of our favorite companies on them?  I'm the parent, if I want to give my kid a t-shirt with Glock on it, that's MY business, not the Federal Government's business.  If I choose to give my kid a t-shirt from the Gun Owners of America or the National Rifle Association, that's once again MY business.  Taking away that right by preventing the manufacture of such items is dishonest and misleading.  It's an indirect attack on two of my rights, or even three: Free Speech, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, rights as a Parent.

What Robin Kelly is actually attempting to do is to demonize anything related to firearms the way that tobacco has been demonized.  Apples.  Oranges.  Though I don't mind social pressure regarding something, I detest with utmost passion LEGAL pressure regarding something.  This is the same mentality that drove us to Prohibition and anyone who paid ANY attention in History class knows how badly that went for this country.  To this day, many of our rights lost and infringed under Prohibition have not been regained (look at the War on Drugs).

This act would impact the manufacture and sale of youth firearms, such as the aforementioned Cricket rifles.  These used to be known as Chipmunk rifles for old-timers like me.  It's a wonderful little rifle that requires the child to load, work the bolt to chamber, and then (separately) pull the hammer back before the rifle can be fired.  It's also sized for children instead of being a chopped down adult rifle.  Targeting these firearms is yet another way to demonize guns.

When someone is attempting to demonize guns, which right does that impact?  Yes, the Second Amendment.  When someone attempts to restrict how you can discuss the topic, which right does that impact?  Yes, the First Amendment.  When someone attempts to stop manufacture of clothing items having to do with the Second Amendment or firearms, which right(s) become impacted?  Those of the Parent.

The Congresscritter from Illinois just hit 3 for 3 on what NOT to do to the American People.  Somebody recall this person already.