Universal Background Checks

Recently, the White House has made it clear that it backs universal background checks for any and all firearms sales.  While this appears to be a Second Amendment issue, a short analysis will demonstrate that it violates a much more fundamental right: Property.

One of the cornerstones of our entire government and rights of the citizenry is the right to own property.  Part of that right is disposing of it privately without interference.  A universal background check requirement interferes with my private property rights.  Whether I'm selling a blender, a wood-axe, a computer, or a firearm as a private individual, it's my right to whom I sell to and I should not be forced to bring in a government proxy to bless the sale.

My disposal of my own property is MY business.  I should never need the blessing of a government entity to perform such a transaction.  If I knowingly sell to somebody whom I know cannot legally possess said item or should I sell to someone I know will cause mischief with it, I assume some liability.  But that hardly needs a universal background check to happen.

Freedom should never be selectively applied.  To treat one piece of property one way and another piece of property differently is asking for eventual fascism.  Fascism is where one can own property, but the government dictates the use of said property.  In many ways it makes a bigger mockery of property rights than socialism and communism do.

Private gun sales are just private transactions regarding privately own property.  No broker should be needed, nor should a proxy be required to complete a private transaction.

Sadly, given the NRA's stance of "limit the damage" back in 1994, I fear that the NRA will simply see the laundry list of crazy gun control items and negotiate this as a "compromise" to keep the rest of our rights intact.  Giving into any of the demands of gun control advocates regarding our rights is not compromise, it's surrender.

Just say NO to the Universal Background Check.